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  • Developer: Apache Friends
  • Genre: Solution stack
  • Version: 8.0.12
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Release Date
Sep 4, 2002
Apache Friends
Apache Friends
Solution stack
Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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Samanta Cruz

Xampp is a free, open-source, Apache distribution for Windows that provides a handy environment for developing web applications. Software Xampp Mac installs a LAMP stack, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. It is designed to be used by programmers, web developers, programmers. Is a versatile cross-platform open-source application that is used for web development. Product install Xampp is mainly designed to be an Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP stack. It includes essential tools like phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, FileZilla, phpUnit which are used for developing, running, testing, debugging of PHP applications.


Software Xampp Windows is a simple interface that has an efficient start up. It is difficult to understand how to use it at first, but once you understand basics it is easy to navigate. Features a web-based interface that enables developers to install and manage application on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Interface is quite easy to navigate and has a number of useful sections that allow you to access different features and functionalities in a quick and efficient manner. Interface is simple and easy to navigate. There are only five buttons on the main screen. First button allows you to start/stop the web server, second button is for managing web server, third button is for starting the MySQL console, fourth button is for starting the PHP console, last button is for starting Apache console. Interface of Xampp install is simple and intuitive. General layout is of three different tabs that allow user to access different aspects of the application. First tab is "MySQL" which is database management system. Second tab is "Apache" which is web server. Third tab is the "PHP" which is the programming language. These tabs allow the user to modify, control, monitor different aspects of the application.


Product Xampp free download is user-friendly and has a simple and easy to use interface. It provides a user-friendly environment and the user has quick access to necessary tools. It has a simple, easy to use interface and provides a user-friendly environment. Product Xampp installer is easy to use and install. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems. It integrates with the latest web technologies like PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.4.


Application download Xampp for windows is designed to be cross-platform and easy to use. It can be installed on Mac, Windows, or Linux. App is designed to be versatile and offer the user ability to modify the installation. Application Xampp is a cross-platform and cross-system software that enables one to run a local web server and a local Apache, MySQL and PHP server on their machine. It is a free and open source application, which is commonly used as a development environment for web applications. Is an excellent application for web development, with all the tools you need. MySQL, Apache, PHP are all included, FTP server is handy for transferring files.


Software product Xampp offers support for product. Support is offered by email or by telephone. Xampp provides a user-friendly environment, has simple and easy to use interface. When there are any problems, getting help is easy as there are plenty of tutorials available online. Customer service is really good and they are really helpful. Application is updated with new features and you can give feedback and application will be updated according to your feedback.


  • How do I stop Xampp app download from using so much of my system's resources?
    One way to reduce the amount of system resources that Xampp consumes is to reduce the amount of Apache threads. In your Apache configuration file, find the thread configuration parameter and reduce the number of Apache threads from the default of 150 to a lower number.
  • What is a web-based interface?
    A web-based interface is a website that can be accessed from a browser. The user does not have to have any software installed locally.
  • What is a lightweight alternative?
    A lightweight alternative is a program that is no more resource intensive than the original.
  • What is the Xampp Control Center used for?
    Control Center is a lightweight alternative to the Apache, MySQL, and PHP service control commands, or task manager.


Application Xampp download for Windows is a great that is easy to use and has a simple interface that is very intuitive and can serve as a great tool for web development. Application is free and has a lot of great features that makes it very useful for web development.


  • Free;
  • Simplicity;
  • Virtual machines available;
  • Huge library of preinstalled software.


  • Only Windows, Linux, and OS X available;
  • No installers;
  • No suppor.

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